Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Crystal, the Angel
~from Jim King, cancer survivor
Last fall and winter I underwent cancer surgery, which was then followed by simultaneous radiation and chemo treatments.  On Mondays I received both treatments and then on Tuesday thru Friday just radiation.  As a few weeks passed and it became mid-December, I was having a very rough time on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Then one Monday at 9AM I received a call from an "angel", Crystal Downing-Swanton who herself was undergoing cancer treatments.  The call was to inquire as to how I was doing. We then spent over 15 minutes with Crystal telling me to let God take over and to rely on friends and family.  When I tried to ask of her state of affairs she just moved back to my situation.

I was so -- oh, I don’t know -- lifted up and I felt encouraged to go on.  We talked and I ended up saying this cancer is not going to win, I will beat it, but that is not the end of the story.  After another week of treatments and struggle, the very next Monday, again at 9AM, I got the call from Crystal. 

How did she manage to call me that morning??  Wow, here is someone who had been struggling with her own battle with cancer yet still always greeted folks with a smile and a hug, calling and helping me fight the fight.

Well, the afterstory is that Crystal has now gone on to become an Angel of God and I think that her time with me was merely her training session.  I think of her often and marvel at her spirit and devotion to God.

God bless Crystal the Angel. I am still amazed at her courage and willingness to reach out!

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